A Mother’s Daughter

I am not going to lie here… my hands are so cold here I can barely type (and I also got my nails done for the first time before christmas and these mother fuckers are hard to get used to).
Let’s be frank, I do not have a way with words. When I have a conversation with someone I can see the interest draining out of their face. I drag a story on and on and on. So you can see why I thought one of the best things I could do was start a blog…

To get this party started – I’m Lily. Just a normal, tea-loving student who thinks that there MUST BE a reason why I’m different??? Maybe not… I’m pretty standard, I don’t have any abnormal talents that are interesting enough to write home about. But here’s the funny thing –
I was just minding my own business (procrastinating. I was procrastinating.) when I had a sudden urge to write a letter to my mum. Random urge, I know. But my mum is such a creative person and she’s so cute because she thinks of things that normal people just do not think of doing and I love that about her. I think she’s a bit excited/proud at the moment because I have become really interested in cross stitch and I’m not trying to toot my own horn (BUT TOOT TOOT MOTHER FUCKER) I am pretty darn good at it and I don’t actually mind spending hours and hours on it.
But yeah, she’s pretty fucking fabulous if I do say so myself and when I think about her, all I want to do is better myself.
I wanted to write her a letter telling her about how I’ve been keeping up with my cross stitch and how I reorganised my room today and I’m feeling really great about it but I want to be able to actually send her a little pressie inside too.
Then I started thinking about making a journal and writing to her in it.. But I feel like if I just basically gave her a book of my day to day things (so basically a diary) it would just be a one time read about my boring student life.
So instead, I am going to basically record my life on here on my little blog and see what I can do with my life this year.

Can you see how much I bloody bamble on now????… after all. I am my mother’s daughter.
GET IT?????

But yeah. This is how it is going to go.
Let’s see what I can do with you 2017.

Lily xo


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