Lazy Day Number 50.

So I have been a lazy little bugger today. I haven’t done anything. Literally nothing. I put a load of washing on, so that’s one thing productive… But I put it on a white wash and it’s taking hours?!?

Anyway, before I went to bed last night I thought, right. I’ve been extremely lazy since I have been back in Brighton after christmas and I am going to have a productive day. This is what my list looked like:


I know, it’s not very exciting! BUT IT’S A START RIGHT?! I was going to shower and be all refreshed, make my bed then actually get out the house!
One of my work pals recommended this really cute family run business for all my crafting needs called ‘Fabric Family’ and I was so excited to go!!

And where did I get to on my list??? I FINISHED EVERYTHING
Nowhere. I’m not annoyed at myself or anything, like shit happens. And I do not actually have a choice but to get on and do stuff tomorrow so I’m looking forward to that. I might drag Chris to Fabric Family if I have the time. BUT I have all the time in the world so fuck it.

Chris and I will be going out for dinner later on at Donatello’s because I went there on New Years Eve and it was gorggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg. So I’m looking forward to that and a really nice chilled evening with him so yay!

I’m also sat in waiting for a parcel to be delivered from amazon and I LOVE amazon. I think they are brilliant but bladdy hell, of course they take their sweet ass time to deliver something when I need to get shit done…

fUck it. I’m gonna jump in the shower!!!!
I may pop back on here later!


don’t forget;

Lily xo




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