A bottle of red and 1 litre of aldi cider..

I’m an idiot.

Seriously. Such an idiot.

So yesterday, I took a break from writing my essay and went to Aldi to buy some dinner. Got back and my housemate said she was having a glass of red to have a chill and of course I was like “yeah, such a good idea” and off to the off license I went.

Then however many hours later, me and my housemates are sat around the living room at 5am listening to our old favourite songs and they order takeaway food (I am pretty proud of myself for not giving into shitty food). Not only did I, and two others have work today but I also obviously have this essay that is due in in about 17 hours.
Guess who didn’t do any work last night.

I have been doing soooooo well at uni with like being on top of things and trying my absolute hardest so I am pretty disappointed in myself.
Gonna be a long night for me and my laptop.

If there is absolutely ANY tips anyone can give me. Please. Pleaseeeeee share!

(I will try to – )

Lily xo


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