Guess who just submitted their essay…


It is nearly 4am as well so I definitely bashed it out. I’m glad it’s over. I could have done better, but then again, I would have done better if I didn’t leave it until the last minute. I am an idiot, and I know that everyone is always saying that they are “never going to do it again” But I honestly was on such a roll over the first months of semester one. People didn’t even recognise me or anything at the start if this year because I basically never went in last year. So it’s interesting to see me messing up so much. I need to stay in the GAAAAAME.

I’ve ordered my personal-planner and now I am just waiting for it to be delivered (featured image is what mine is going to look like!!!). It’s amazing because they come from america and they are pretty darn good at delivering them quick. I even got my mum to order one this year and she bladdy loves it!!

I honestly actually tried looking for a different company to change things up, but to be honest  – none of the companies make those planners like they do.

I am just waiting for it to arrive though basically, and then I will be able to organise myself a wee bit more!!! Can’t wait to get it and start writing in it!


So what is the first thing I plan on buying you say??

I am going to go to aldi and buy a george foreman grill and a smoothie maker….


Anyway, it’s closing in on 4am and I need to go to bedfordshireeeeeeee and get my lazy ass up those stairs and climb into bed.

Pat on the back for me for not giving up, not falling asleep and not leaving bits until the morning.

Yay me!

Lily xo


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