Happy but sad

So I received feedback and the results on a piece of work that I handed in in November. Safe to say I did absolute fucking wank. I can’t believe the feedback commenting on the learning outcomes that are related to my work and it said everything I wrote was unsatisfactory 😥 

It’s kicked me down quite a bit because I had that hand-in today and I wrote absolute bullshit and I just know it 😥 

I need some motivation and need to learn how to write essay’s properly /: 

I am currently at the pub having a drink or two but I’m starting to feel like I’m drowning my sorrows and just drinking because I’m upset with my results. I got 38 and 40 was a pass, so yeah… I wasn’t far off a pass. But I want to be close to a 2:1 or something! 

Lord give me strength.

I need to get through this.

Lily xo


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