I’m at the library again! And hand-in is in 12 hours time. 

I’m feeling confident, I just need to crack on with it. We ordered dominos to the university library which my tummy has not agreed with! But we went with one of their Italiano selections which was a lot nicer than I expected! It wasnt as greasy or sickly as the other pizzas I’ve gotten in the past, so it’s pretty bloody good! Came with the cutest little pot of chilli oil too which was a nice extra and the rocket that was in a pot on the side instead of already on the pizza which was a nice touch I thought!!! 

Now my tummy is feeling sorry for itself so I’m eating one of the Nakd bars! 

Absolutely love the little note on the wrapper saying ‘hi mum!’ So cute.

I got the banana bread flavour and it’s actually really fucking good. I’m actually enjoying it. What’s happening to me…

Definitely need to find more healthy snacks especially at times like these when I’m pulling an all nighter at the library and need brain food! 

Right. Gotta stop procrastinating.

Here I go…


Lily xo


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