It’s been a long day. 

So I didn’t end up leaving the library until 7:30am this morning…. I was at the library for a total of 17 HOURS!!!!!!! SEVENTEEN HOURS.

I got my hand-in in though, which is obviously the main thing.

I didn’t mention anything in yesterday’s blog because I wanted yesterday’s blog to be more about what I’d got round to eating and stuff like that!

But I ended up making an appointment to see one of my teachers, just because I love her personality and felt comfortable talking to her. 

So yeah, I wanted to chat to her because I basically have just become extremely overwhelmed with all the work I have due in this month. I ended up having a little bit of a cry to her… I just hate talking about my work. So when I was talking to her, especially about grades I just couldn’t stop myself!!! 😥

But I am feeling a bit better about it now. Just want this month to be over!!!! 

I made this for dinner that I would definitely recommend, it was really good! 

As soon as I got back this morning I just climbed into bed and had a few hours sleep. But it is nearly 11pm and I’m thinking of going back into bed and catching up on sleep and having an early night! 

Safe to say, I am bloody knackered.


Lily xo


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