BANANA SMOOTHIE (kinda gone wrong??)

Didn’t wake up as early as I wanted… 

Left the house at like, 12… went into town to do a few things with Chris, went to the library and we were there till about 5ish, so it didn’t go too badly. Wish I could make it up tomorrow but I have uni that starts at 12, so I’ll have to just go after uni maybe!? 

Anyway, we decided this morning we were going to copy that Costa Banana Smoothie, because y’know, fruit and caffeine in the morning – what could be bloody better!?

Well. The actual Costa Banana Smoothie would be better. Our rendition of it wasn’t too bad, I didn’t finish it I know that! 

It doesn’t look very appetising, but it wasn’t that bad!!!! 

I’ve started off in my new planner now so I’m hoping that it is going to keep me motivated and in control! 

Fingers crossed,ehh!? 

Revision day tomorrow…


Lily xo 


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