Relaxing weekend.

I’ve basically been relaxing like HEAVEN this weekend! Obviously wanted to make the most out of it, I mean, it’s the weekend! It’s supposed to be relaxing…

I have a couple of exams and an essay left to hand-in… just gotta stay on my a-game! 

I’m hopefully going to have a productive day tomorrow. Fingers crossed I want to be out of the house by latest 11(???) go get a few things ticked off and then to the library with chris! 

I got my nails done on Friday :’) I had to and to be completely honest, I wanted to just to cheer myself up a bit.

We then went to MeatLiqor and holy shitballs. It was unreal. I had a Chicken Parma Burger, Fried Pickles AND(!!) Mac&Cheese balls. 

Safe to say I wasn’t worrying about eating healthy for that dinner.

I went to dinner w/Dan at Wahaca on Saturday after work which was so lush!! PLUS Dan and I only paid £14.25 eat for the food (we had a massive main, side and dessert!) so it was really good for price and was lush too. I had a steak burrito and oh wow! 

I will have to follow up with some more pictures of the food and other bits too after this because it was all so yummy! 

Feeling a lot better. I got my new planner in the post so I am very ready to get organised.


Lily xo


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