WAHACA WONDERFULNESS (plus new 2017 planner)

This is how it started. The British Steak Burrito, then pimped up which included the Guac and nachos HEART EYES EVERYWHERE.

This is the side we got. It was a chicken and avocado tostada! Never had it before, it was amazing. Considering I’m not very good when it comes to heat with my food… but this on the side really helpful keep my mouth cool! 

And this is how it ended 🙂 literally completely demolished! 

Wahaca – 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/5 stars! So yummy and like I said in my previous post – all of that for £14.25 each. So yummy. Very cheap. Well worth it! 

My new planner has arrived!!!!! 

I got it from personal-planner.com and my god. I love it. I haven’t written in it because I’m worried it’s gonna get ruined!!!! Need to get stuck in! 

Bed time now… 


Lily xo


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