4 days later…

It’s been 4 days since my last post but not a lot of things has happened! It’s been chris’ birthday so I’ve had a LOT of drinks..! Lots of pub visiting, Aldi trips and buying food out.. safe to say I am worried about my bank account! 

I have a lot of revising to do and not enough time. I need to get my act together and get some notes down or I will never remember them for Tuesday! 

It is an hour exam and it is semi-seen which means that we have been given 3 questions which we have to revise for all 3 but only one is going to turn up… fucking annoying in a way but then again, it could be worse.

I’ve just made a bunch of pasta and cooked a mozzarella and tomato dish – made waaaaaaay too much so I am stuffed laid out on the sofa watching a programme on Netflix called ‘Lockup: Women Behind Bars’ and it’s quite interesting but definitely a procrastinating programme… I need to get better at this whole uni thing. 

Saw this on Instagram and I fell in love with it:

Words to live by! 

We got drunk for chris’ birthday and for some reason – someone stole our bin outside of our house… the street we live on always has silly things happening like that. So we decided to steal someone else’s bin and it went very wrong because even after we covered our door number on it – we realised that the other door number was on it too…. fuck. So I got covered in ink (cover photo) and now I’m scared someone is going to knock on our door and tell on us… would serve us right for being so bloody stupid, but it was about 4am and we were very drunk. Silly dickheads haha! 

I’m going to attempt some work soon… wish me luck.

(NOTE TO MYSELF: don’t go to the pub tonight…) 


Lily xo


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