So I’ve been a bit shit..

I know that when writing a blog (not for success but for fun) there is a fine line to making it not-so-fun-anymore. I do not want to get to that point. I do not want to get annoyed at myself or stress myself out trying to make sure I get a blog post up every day. So here I am, 9 days later. With a whole ‘lotta days to fill up on!

It has been a stress of a month! As I have said previously… a million times… about all of the hand-ins and exams that I have been stressing about and trying my hardest (??) to crack on and get on with.

The library has been my best friend. I’ve spent so many hours in there over the past couple of weeks that I have lost count. It’s funny, because the longer you are there, the more faces you start recognise and by the end of the night, you have new friends. It’s really cute!
My girls have been my rocks recently. We’ve all been helping each other out so much you wouldn’t believe. It has been fab.
We are organising a night out for Wednesday for everyone we know in Psychology and it is going to be a WILD night and I can’t wait to see everyone drunk out of their minds – celebrating for this horrific month to be over.

Bring the fuck on Semester Two. I am going to absolutely SMASH IT! And I am so ready.

I’m going to try keep up with things on here – because I want to – and because the strangest and nicest things happen throughout my days and I want to remember them!

I’m at the public library with Chris now as I have my last exam on Wednesday, so I need to get on and revise!

See you on the flip side…

Lily xo


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