Messy Kitchen. Angry Lily

January has been a crazy one. My nails need doing, my brain is drained and I need to organise my meals because this girl has been eating waaaaay too much library food recently.

I went back home for a couple of days to recuperate. After all of my exams and hand-ins were complete all I wanted to do was see my mum.
Unfortunately, I had work today otherwise I would still be cuddled up on the sofa with my dog chatting with my mum.
I had work, went to Wetherspoons with a couple of work friends and made my way home. As soon as I had dropped my bags off in my room I went downstairs to make a cuppa tea to relax as I had a few pints in the pub.
I wish I hadn’t gone downstairs.

I live in a student house and as some people exclaim – “it’s supposed to be messy.” trust me. This is not how living is supposed to be, but confronting my house mates about the mare of the kitchen only made them laugh. So off I went to my friend’s house with a bottle of wine – IT WAS THE ONLY WAY TO GET OUT.

My next plan of action is to tell them tomorrow morning on our group chat (when I have slept off some of this anger) that if it is not cleaned by Wednesday evening, I will go into the kitchen on Thursday morning and distribute their dirty dishes and cutlery into bags and put them in a corner because my god. It is fucking disgusting.

I just hate how disrespectful they are being. It makes me so angry!!
I would post pictures of the kitchen and living room to show how fucking disgraceful it is but I don’t want to embarrass myself at the gross living situation they are forcing me to live in….

So that was not the nicest thing to come home to I am not going to lie!!!


I did organise my planner for this week coming on getting work, readings, lecture slides done the day before, written out my semester two timetable. So…

bring it the fuck on.

(wish me good luck with these dickheads and the kitchen disaster.)


Lily xo


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