Stuck in a rut.

Any studying tips welcome... this gal needs all the help she can get. Help a sister out ahhhhhh


Messy Kitchen. Angry Lily

January has been a crazy one. My nails need doing, my brain is drained and I need to organise my meals because this girl has been eating waaaaay too much library food recently. I went back home for a couple of days to recuperate. After all of my exams and hand-ins were complete all I … Continue reading Messy Kitchen. Angry Lily


I'm at the library again! And hand-in is in 12 hours time.  I'm feeling confident, I just need to crack on with it. We ordered dominos to the university library which my tummy has not agreed with! But we went with one of their Italiano selections which was a lot nicer than I expected! It … Continue reading 00:26am